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How to change the logo?: Comments

Posted by john (Contact, Page)
Date: May 28th, 2007, 12:27

Hi, I read that in March you were planning to open-source the code of

Are you always planning to do that? Do you have some news?



Posted by RBA (Contact, Page)
Date: May 28th, 2007, 19:25

Hello John,

There's a possibility we might open the source in the future, yes, but it's not something already decided, and I can't really tell when/if we would do it. For now the question is still up in the air.


Posted by LiquidBoy (Contact, Page)
Date: May 29th, 2007, 1:52


Firstly can i say great job with the whole rebranding coRank product.. I like it very much..

Now to the point of this comment.... Im trying to create my own branded coRank and i think ive reached the limit of customizing the templates (ie. there are some templates that i believe are missing and hence i can't customize leaving my site in a mixed state)..

My site is ( and if you click on the menu's at the top they go to other pages that don't have corresponding templates for me to customize. The site is in a mixed state, hopefully this will be resoved in a future release.

Also from my home page ive tried everything to remove the horizontal grey line between the articles, i can't find anyway to remove them (either in the style.css or the provided templates) I don't believe you've provided us the template for the alternating articles, hence i can't remove the horizontal line.

I would really love to use the branded site but only if i can get it looking EXACTLY the way i want it (which isnt that far off)

Regards Liquidboy


Posted by RBA (Contact, Page)
Date: May 31st, 2007, 0:06

Liquidboy, almost everything is customizable via the style.css file. Not all text is customizable, for example, the options in the menu on the left cannot be edited, but as far as styles, almost everything uses one of the classes defined in the style.css file. That line you mention is (was) one of the few exceptions, and we just got rid of it. It can be added again by editing either the vSubBigBox or the vFullBox classes in the style.css file.


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