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By RBA - October 3rd, 2007, 11:58, Category: General

Today we just launched a new feature we hope you'll like it.

The Dashboard is, at least conceptually, your entry window to your world at coRank. Ok, that sounded a bit too fancy, so let me explain.

Up until now, there was no central location from where you could monitor your activity at coRank. If you were only using one site at coRank that was okay, but if you were using more than one as many of us do, you had to go to each coRank site to see whether you had any alert, someone had replied to your comments, etc.

It was clear that there was a need for a central location where you could monitor all this without having to travel to each coRank site, and that's what the Dashboard brings you. When you go to your dashboard, you are presented three blocks of information:

  • My Alerts: It works similarly to the "Alerts" section you can already see on each site at coRank, but here it actually notifies you all the sites where you have pending alerts, so now you don't have to visit each and every site to see whether you have pending alerts or not at that particular site.

  • My Sites: It's divided into two sections: Sites I've created and Sites I've visited recently, the latest being a list of the last 8-10 coRank sites you've visited - just because sometimes it's nice to know where you've been in the past and perhaps pay that site another visit :-)

  • My Last Comments: It shows the latest stories where you've most recently posted a comment. Like with the My Alerts section, here you can see your comments from all sites at coRank, not just one of them.

We're not adding other data (such as the latest stories you voted, all your favorites across all sites at coRank), but those may come in the future, likely as additional tabs on the Dashboard. Certainly, if there's a piece of information you think it should be there, let us know!

Also, you may see we've made a few changes to the coRank home page, and changed the legend to "A better way to get, keep and share the web you want". The previous one, if you remember was "Create your own coRanking site".

The reason for this change is almost obvious. No, we haven't changed out mission not what coRank is about. We're simply making it more clear than before.

Before, a newcomer faced a statement that didn't say anything regarding what coRank is about. Ok, so I can create my own coRanking site. And that means... what? Not only that, but that statemtn presented coRank as a site where you can create some sort of site, but left out another very important purpose of all sites at coRank: discovering, sharing and saving the content you care about. Not everyone comes to coRank because they want to create their coRanking site. Many in fact benefit from being part of existing sites, and telling them upfront this was a place to create sites might leave them in the dark

So, what do you think? Do you think it better conveys what coRank is about? We think it does - and trust me, we've shuffled with quite a few taglines before selecting this one! :-)

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