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By RBA - September 11th, 2007, 10:27, Category: General

Today we're launching yet one more feature!

If you have a coRank site (or if you would like to create one), now you can configure it so that whenever you - or someone else - submit a story or web page, coRank can save a cached copy of the original page to your site (this excludes pages submitted via an RSS feed). This way, if the original page is gone in the future, you can still access its original content.

Search within those saved pages is not yet available, but it will be soon. With that in hand, in addition to the many different kinds of web sites one can already build with coRank, it is now possible to create a permanent repository of whatever is submitted. Permament because you no longer depend on the original page to stay live should you need access to its content. As long as you keep your coRank site, the information will always be there as well. This is also a feature that enables people to create their personal or collective bookmarking area that will endure the test of time.

At this point only web pages are "cacheable". That is, if you submit a direct link to a video, mp3, image, etc. (anything but a web page), a local copy will not be created.

If active, a "cached" link will appear for each story whose original page has been cached (see image above). It's all done pretty much the way Google and Yahoo handle cached pages, except that in coRank your cached page is not periodically updated - it really is a snapshot of the page the moment it was submitted (you will be able to update cached pages if you want, though).

This feature can be requested (it is not in closed beta) by going to the Advanced tab in your coRank's admin pages.

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