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By RBA - September 10th, 2007, 0:10, Category: General

Yesterday we quietly rolled out several new and exciting features for coRank site owners.

  1. You can now let other users (all or just a selected group) edit submitted stories, wiki-style if you please. This sounds simple, but in fact it opens the door for the kind of sites you can build with coRank. Now collaboration doesn't have to be only at the "submitting story" level but also at the editorial level. Of course, all changes are registered, and everyone has access to the change history:

  2. You can now assign certain privileges to individual users. So for example, you could only allow a small group of people being able to submit stories or edit submitted stories. This is perfect if you don't allow others to submit stories to your site, but still would like some people to help out.

  3. You can now assign site co-admins. In other words, you don't have to be the only one managing your own site - unless you really want to. Just be careful and give this privilege to people you really trust.

  4. View latest comments with one click. We've added one more tab "Talking about". Clicking on it you'll be able to see the latest comments left. That way, especially on sites with low commenting activity you won't miss it when someone leaves a new comment. And RSS feed for comments is coming soon!

Now for the last feature (latest comments), if you already have a coRank site, this tab will be present in all your site's pages except for the index page. If you would like to add a tab there, all you need to do is to edit the index.html file and add the following line:

<li class="hie"><a href="/comments">Talking about...</a></li>

rigth where the rest of the tabs are defined (hopefully you'll be able to locate these. Contact usif you have any problems).

For site owners who have requested the Full Edit option, things are a bit more tricky, because you already own your own set of templates for your site (and we do not update them) so you need to do the update yourself. Soon we'll offer an auto-update feature but that is still in the works. By the way, if you're not sure whether you have the Full Edit option activated in your site, it's very easy: if you haven't requested it, you don't have it. If you did, then it's active and you'll see a Full Edit tab in your site's admin pages.

Sites with the Full Edit option active will need to add that same line we indicated above to the following files (again, at the right place, something we expect you'll be able to figure out, as the Full Edit option is meant for advanced users only):


And that's it for now!

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