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By RBA - August 18th, 2007, 0:58, Category: General

Nothing big, but just to keep you updated...

Submitting stories: Now you have a 5000 characters limit for the description, instead of the previous 500 characters. You probably won't need this many characters, but if you do, now you can enter long descriptions or even complete articles. This only made sense since we've always allowed up to 5000 characters for the comments.

API: A new call has been added. That's coRank.News.GetItemFromUrl. It basically allows you to query coRank to find out whether a particular URL has already been submitted. How could we miss this one when we first launched the API?

You need fans: A few days ago we added the requirement that, if you wanted to submit a new story, you must have at least one person as your fan. This was only activated at the main coRank site, so other coRank sites continue working as usual and no special requirements are needed to submit stories.

Stay tuned, some new features are coming soon!

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