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July 2007

By RBA - July 25th, 2007, 15:53, Category: General

It's been a while we haven't blogged (sign that we're working had behind the scenes, by the way :-), and although some interesting news are coming very soon, this post is not to announce any new features but to briefly mention the post that The Name Inspector has written an interesting analysis about coRank.

For those of you who don't know, The Name Inspector is a very interesting blog where its author analyzes from time to time dfferent names in ways you may have not thought before. Some of the names he has already analyzed are Apple, Digg, Flickr, Amazon, Pandora, TechCrunch, etc. and of course, now coRank :-)

I admit that the analysis hast something to do with the fact that I myself sent Chris (The Name Inspector) a brief story about how the name coRank came to be - a story that you can read in his post about coRank and that, in case you wonder, is 100% true. But it is still nice to see that the name coRank has, among other things,  well, poetic symmetry :-)

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