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May 2007

By RBA - May 31st, 2007, 11:15, Category: General

Because many of you have asked for it, we've added the option to allow anonymous votes to your coRank site.

Now, if you don't want people to register in order to vote at your site, you can go to your admin pages, tab "Advanced", where you'll now find the option:

Allow anonymous votes?
( ) Yes, unregistered users can vote
( ) No, users must be logged into their account

Of course, you must have voting enabled in order to see this new option.

How does coRank know someone has already voted to avoid having one person to vote several times on the same story? There really are two non-rocket-science way to do this: by registering the IP, by using a cookie, or both. We've opted for the IP method so far, but of course this is subject to change. The IP method by itself has the disadvantage that it may create false positives for people connecting through a proxy as well as dynamic IPs that change hands every now and then, but as I just said, this is merely a first implementation that will become more robust over time.

Note that if you visit a coRank site that allows anonoymous votes, you cannot just vote anonymously while signed into you account. You'll need to sign out, then vote.

In my opinion, the advantage of allowing anoymous votes is that you can get more people to participate and vote, and that's a good thing. The drawback is that your site won't get as many registered users, and those users who don't register will not experience all the good stuff they get from registering. We believe however that if you allow users to vote without registering, eventually those who like the service will end up registering anyway. Either way, it's up to you!

FYI, at this point our original coRank site does not allow anonymous voting, but we are considering enabling it as well.

By RBA - May 27th, 2007, 19:23, Category: Templates

While coRank allows you to virtually change the way your entire site looks, maybe you just want to change the logo, or at least start from there.

There are mainly two ways to do it. One is to add the logo via an IMG in the header file and the other is to add the logo to the CSS itself.

Both ways start with the same process:

  • Go to the Admin page of your site, and click on the Files tab.
  • Click on the "Upload image" option and upload your logo.
  • Go back to the File Index.
  • Find the file you just uploaded, click on the name and note its URL. It will be something like (the path will be different)
  • Edit the file style.css (the second in the list of files) by clicking on its name.

Now, if you want to just add the logo to the CSS file, do this:

  • In the #header and #logo sections, change the url value of the 'background' property (what goes between parenthesist) with the URL for your logo.
  • You should also change the width and height values of the #logo section for the width and height of your logo.
  • Click "Save" to save the updated style.css. Done!
  • Go your site to make sure everything looks good.

And if you want to do it by adding the IMG tag in the header instead, do this:

  • In the #header and #logo sections (somewhere around the beginning of the file), delete the 'background' property. You may also want to modify the width and height values of the #logo section to match the width and height of your just uploaded logo.
  • Click "Save" to save the updated style.css
  • Now, edit the Header.html file (third in the list of files) and insert your <img src="..."> tag between the <a href="/" id="logo">...</a> tags. You should also delete the <$zg=cbTitle> tag you'll see right there.
  • Click "Save" to save the updated Header.html. Done!
  • Go your site to make sure everything looks good.

Yes, it would be great if we could just give you a text box where you could add your logo with the click of a mouse, but then you'd lose the flexibility of being able to fully edit the CSS and header files and do with them whatever you want.

By RBA - May 27th, 2007, 11:11, Category: FAQ

Many people have asked us how to have their coRank site under their own domain, so instead of running out of (where 'mysite' is of course the name you gave to your coRank site) it can be accessed from, for example,

By the way, let's continue using as our... example ;-)

Firs of all, yo must have created your site at coRank. If you haven't then start there.

Now, if you already have a website at, you  want to run your coRank site from a subdomain, which could be, or any other subdomain (subdomains such as mail, smtp, pop, ftp and www are generally used for other things, so be creative when seelcting the name for your subdomain). If you want, you can also get a domain just for your coRank site, it's up to you.

Let's say you decided to go with There's only two things you need to do.

  1. Edit the DNS records of your domain and create a new CNAME record for aliased to

    Alternatively you could create a "type A record" where points to the IP This method has the disadvantage that it will likely become obsolete in the future (when it does we'll announce it here regardless). Of course, either way you have to replace with your subdomain+domain.

    If you don't know how to do any of this, ask your hosting company, your domain registrar or your webmaster. Each registrar and hosting company has its own control panels to configure domain records, and we cannot possibly know how to use all of them. In other words, we likely don't know how to do those changes, so ask the people who does: your hosting company or registrar.

  2. Let us know! Go and send us a message with the following information:

    • Your coRank username
    • The current URL of your coRank site (???
    • The complete (sub)domain you wish to use. It must be yours already, of course, and you must have done step 1 already.

    Please do not write to us unless you've done step 1 (creating a CNAME or A record for your subdomain), because if you haven't, all we're going to do is ask you to do it and get back to us when you've done it, so let's help each other save some time by not going through that :-)

And that's it. Any questions, let us know either down here in the comments or via!

By RBA - May 26th, 2007, 22:32, Category: General

After the launch of the new coRank, many people have asked whether we'll be adding certain features that today are not being offered. Since we're actually working or plan to work on most of the features people have been bringing to our attention, I think it's a good idea to let you all know about the top 5 features we'll be launching during the next couple of weeks.

  • First, a directory and search engine of all sites in coRank, so people can find sites created in coRank that are of interest to them.
  • Second, being able to automatically add stories to a site by RSS feeds. We're still working on the details for this one, because this is a feature that can be as useful as prone to abuse, but it certainly is coming.
  • Third, an OPML import tool.
  • Fourth, an API. A good API. A great API that will let you do almost anything you want it to do.
  • And Fifth, being able to build your own coRank automatically under your own domain (you will still need to add a record to your DNS).

All of these features will be added absolutely free. I want to make this clear because most "white label" services out there will charge a fee for at least the "use under your own domain" feature. Not us.

Are we missing something that shouldn't be missed? Please let us know!

By RBA - May 25th, 2007, 8:55, Category: General

A few hours ago we launched the new version of coRank. Or should we say the remake of coRank?

What's new is not a load of new features on top of the existing site but actually a shift from the original concept. So far, coRank has been a service that in a way it made social news and bookmarking a bit more social and customizable. Today coRank launched the first and only service on the net where you can create your own "social news" site in just one minute.

Up until now, if you wanted to have your own "social news" site, you could only either resort to open-source Pligg or code it yourself. Not anymore. In a way, you could say that the new coRank is to social news and bookmarking what Blogger is to blogs or YahooGroups to email groups.

The features that come with the launch are plenty. You can tke a tour here, but I'll summarize the most important ones:

  • You can include your own advertising, adsense, etc.
  • You have a few predefined templates to get started
  • 100% custimizable CSS and HTML, add files, images, etc.
  • Customizable terminology (just a few terms for now)
  • You define your site's categories, of course.
  • Access: public, private, moderated, etc.
  • Enable/disable voting, attaching pictures to stories, etc.
  • Keep the trash out: User and site filters
  • Complete story management: edit, delete stories or comments...

Now, is the original coRank site dead? Is it going to close? Not at all! The only difference in fact is that its home moved from to and we'll always provide a link to the site from the home page, but coRank, the social news site isn't going anywhere!

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