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August 6th, 2007

By RBA - August 6th, 2007, 15:32, Category: General

Within a month or two, owners of a coRanking site will be able to customize all pages and templates that build their sites - all of them! They don't have to, but they'll be able to do it if they want.

In the meantime, you know you can already edit a limited number of pages (index, header, etc) as well as defining three terms used across the site: voting up, voting down and sources (friends, contacts...).

Well, following that trend of being able to quickly define terms that are used across a coRanking site, today we've added one more customizable term: Story.

So if you have a coRanking site where people submit something more specific than just "stories", you can go to the admin pages, select the Terms tab, and you'll be able to define the word that better fits the type of content that your site is about, and then, magically (well, not really magically, it's all trivial science :-) whenever the words story/stories were originally used, you'll see the new term instead. So for example, if you replaced the words story/stories (the default) with news/news, where before one could read "There are no stories yet", now it would say "There are no news yet". Or if you replaced it with photo/photos, it would say "There are no photos yet".

This is aimed at making it easier to craft a term across an entire coRanking site, but as I said before, for those who truly would like to customize their site to their hearths content, in a few weeks you'll be able to edit any of the templates used by your coRanking site - something that will allow you to completely redesign the UI of your site if you like.

But before that happens, we'll be launching something even more exciting. Something we've promised a number of times but just didn't happen. The coRank API. And I'll talk about that in an upcoming post.

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